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Promotional Products

Using promotional items for your business results in many benefits. It’s an effective and long lasting way to keep your brand visible and increase brand recognition.

The Advertising Specialty Institute conducts a survey on promotional items every year, below are some statistics for the year 2013.

Popular promotional products given to recipients in the United States in 2013

+ 50% of U.S. consumer own branded writing instruments
+ 44% of U.S. consumers own a branded shirt
+ 31% of U.S. consumers own a branded bag
+ 22% of U.S. consumers own a branded desk accessory
+ 22% of U.S. consumers own a branded calendar
+ 21% of U.S. consumers own branded drinkware
+ 19% of U.S. consumers own a branded hat
+ 11% of U.S. consumers own a branded USB drive
+ 9% of U.S. consumers own branded health and safety products
+ 10% of U.S. consumers own branded outerwear

Handy items are kept longer

+ The average of months kept between the promotional products mentioned above was about 7 months
+ Calendars are kept longer with an average of 9 months
+ Writing instruments are kept for less time with an average of 5 months
+ The average of recipients (77%) surveyed said they kept promotional products when they are useful
+ Attractiveness and enjoy-ability were also important, with 29% being the average of recipients who kept it based on looks and 29% also kept because the product was enjoyable
+ Attractiveness was generally more important with clothing, such as hats, outwear and shirts
+ 63% of the recipients said they gave the items they no longer wanted to someone else
+ 20% of recipients store away the item
+ 17% of recipients ultimately threw out the product

Increase Brand Recognition

+ 9 in 10 (86%)of the U.S. recipients of promotional products were able to recall the advertiser on the item they received
+ Outerwear produces the highest brand recognition
+ Clothing items maintain a very high brand recognition rate

Create More Opportunities For Business

Use promotional products to your advantage to connect with your audience. Recipients of promotional products are typically more likely to respond to you nice gesture. 53% of recipients felt more favorable about the advertiser after receiving a promotional product; 36% of recipients were more likely to do business with an advertiser they hadn’t previously done business with after receiving a promotional product from them.

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