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Voice Broadcasting

Why Use Voice Broadcasting Services? With the Internet leading the way in marketing, many companies overlook traditional forms of gaining access to more customers. It's a proven fact that using different types of marketing means reaching more people. One type of marketing that is often overlooked is voice broadcasting. Unlike telemarketing, voice broadcasting is a

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Direct Mail

VIP Samples Improve your Direct Mail Response Although digital marketing has transformed the way companies have marketed to their audience through-out the past couple of years, direct mail still continues to be the most beneficial channel for marketing. According to the United States Postal Service, 98% of consumers collect their mail the day

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Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment and marketing go hand in hand. The most efficient way to recruit is to provide accurate information using proper channels to help screen suitable candidates. It’s crucial to use the right means to connect to job seekers; the difficult part is figuring out which one works for you. + Make it Clear Invite potential

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