//Database Maintenance

Database Maintenance

Keep your Database Strong

Every company’s database contains some sort of errors. These blunders can create unsuccessful results in your marketing campaigns. Here are some tips to keep your data strong and get the best results from your recruiting and marketing efforts.

+ Examine your records and correct any spelling mistakes or missing information.

+ Keep your data free of duplicates. Duplicated data means a loss of money and diluted marketing results.

+ Create a drop down list for your titles to optimize your search results.

+ Phone and email append your data every six months to ensure you have the most up to date information.

+ Databases decay at over 40% a year, make sure you keep your data up to date.

By analyzing your database and maintaining good database practices, you avoid the shortfalls of most companies. This is a crucial role in the protection and longevity of contacts. It will give your contacts a good impression and also save you money.