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Email Marketing made simple!

Email can be an incredibly effective source of marketing. It has a proven track record of helping to acquire new leads, convert leads into hires and help you stay connected to your current workforce.

Targeted Marketing makes better results.

• When you invest money on an email campaign you need to get a high response rate and a return on your investment. Our solutions help you target the right discipline, setting and location while boosting response rates with our personalized emails.
• Variable Image Personalization (VIP) Email Marketing will incorporate the recipient’s name into the stock image in the email. This highly personalized email will be sure to prompt a response! It’s one of the most effective tools on the market today!
• Save money by purchasing verified deliverable email addresses from a reliable vendor.

Specialized Corporate Functions:

Preserves your company’s look and feel and assures it stays consistent across your campaigns. Our completely customizable solution offers managers the flexibility to allow users to edit sections of an email or choose from per-determined drop downs while it locks other sections, so you can be confident that your templates will always stay within your branding guidelines.
Allows you to choose whether to view and approve all emails prior to being sent out or allow users to send out simple emails while requesting approval for other customized emails. It’s simple with ACCESS!
Create QR codes on marketing materials that link to custom mobile web pages, then sit back and track your campaign’s success.
We monitor, IP reputation, ISP blocking, black lists, and perform audits on deliverability to help resolve issues quickly. We work with ISP’s to resolve email filtering & blocking issues and other delivery problems until the issue is resolved and you are white-listed again.
See the open, bounce and click through rate of your emails. Also see which subscribers have clicked on which links, opened emails or haven’t read your emails. It’s easy with our Dashboard!
Bounced emails are unavoidable in email marketing, what matters is how you deal with them. We recommend you clean the bounced emails from your database following each campaign. This keeps your subscriber list up to date and avoids emails being bounced which will get you the best results from your email campaigns. Failure to do so could seriously jeopardize future email campaigns as many carriers will “Black List” repeat offenders. As a Focus customer, we will automatically remove hard and soft bounces from your database.
Keep your data clean for better results…In order to maintain your data hygiene, it’s important to regularly go through your bounced emails and update or delete any out of date contact information. We will maintain your data for you so you are not wasting your time and resources on out of date email addresses or worse, losing valuable contacts due to inaccurate information. By keeping your database up-to-date and clean from any redundant email addresses, you will achieve better open and click-through rates.
Focus offers a special purpose, behind the scenes verification that allows marketers to comply with CAN-SPAM requirements while preserving the security and privacy of their opt-out data files.

Landing Pages

What is it and why use it?

• Recruitment landing pages are specific pages where talent can explicitly express interest in working with your company and give you their contact information. The three most common forms of recruitment marketing landing pages are the job ads, talent community pages, and career pages.

• What’s the purpose of a landing page? To attract and engage qualified, relevant talent. Once talent hits your landing page, you want them to move down the recruitment funnel, get their contact information and start the interview process moving.

Let us help you think like a marketer and recruit top talent by using Mobile responsive landing pages in conjunction with your email, SMS or Voice Broadcasting campaigns. If you keep your Focus, you’ll multiply your inbound candidates in no time.