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Inventory Management

Managing Your Inventory

Inventory management is a necessity to every company that offers merchandise. Your inventory should always hold accurate information, including inventory trends and the most up to date information on stocks of order. Inventory management is vital in order to save time and money. Below are some tips to consider when controlling your inventory:

+ Always carry the amount of merchandise needed; if the amount needed isn’t known make sure you keep your inventory in stock to avoid running out of items and delaying orders for the consumer.

+ If your company has lost it’s hold on managing inventory, use a 3rd party inventory management team, solution or company that focuses on tracking, supplying and stocking your inventory. Leave it to the pros, that way you can have detailed inventory control, reports of product sales, and the ability to keep track of merchandise from the minute they arrive at the warehouse until the moment it’s in the consumer’s hands. 

+ Don’t become an inventory hoarder. There is no reason to hold onto inventory that isn’t being used. Part of keeping your inventory up to date is being able to monitor what’s needed and what’s not.

+ Keep your warehouse up to date, label and organize your inventory accordingly, quality control also relies a lot on making sure your stock room/ warehouse is navigable.

Focus Custom Sourcing Solutions is the complete inventory and fulfillment company with expertise in storage & inventory management. We are dedicated to providing your business with the most accurate information about your inventory through our online inventory management software –ACCESS. ACCESS is completely customizable, and can be tailored to your specific needs.  ACCESS even has the ability to set limits or put approvals in place and inventory levels can be set for automatic reordering.

Let us optimize your inventory to save you time and money!