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Our expertise allows you to mail more efficiently and less expensively.

Focus offers all of the mailing services you need to ensure not only the best postal discounts and cost effective postal rates, but we eliminate all of the incorrect and unrecognizable addresses in your mailing list, reducing your overall mailing costs.

In addition to cost savings, we deliver your mail directly to the post office where it is given priority treatment, bypassing several processing steps to help it reach its destination in a timely manner.

Our mailing services include the following:
+ Postal Presorting
+ Data Hygiene

+ Merge Purge
+ Database Management
+ NCOA (National Change of Address)
+ Customized Programming
+ Automated Processing
+ Barcoding

+ Address Standardization:

We repair recognizable addresses that are incorrect and standardize them to meet the USPS specifications. Then we append proper ZIP +4, carrier route codes, and all other required USPS endorsements. Finally, we presort your list — arranging all of the addresses in a sequence that meets USPS regulations. And we produce the documentation and custom address labels needed to obtain your postal discounts and ensure deliverability.

+ NCOA Address List Changes:
It is now mandatory that all mailing lists be processed through the USPS NCOA (National Change of Address) database prior to mailing.  We process every mailing through our USPS software to identify individuals that may have moved. We then, update your files with new addresses and process your mailing. We will also keep a list of those individuals that have moved and provide that to you as well as update your database so you do not continue to mail to undeliverable addresses.

+ Address Validation and List Cleaning:
We merge lists and purge names and addresses that appear more than once. This gives you a clean mailing list so you don’t waste money mailing to duplicate records.

+ List Maintenance:
By having our data professionals update, order and manage your customer mailing lists and database, we are assured that your data will remain clean. We will also update addresses using NCOA processing every quarter, keeping you in touch with your customers when they move.

+ Data Entry:
Data sometimes comes to us in all forms. It may be in the form of a response card that candidates filled out at a conference or from resumes that you receive. The important thing is to package that data into an electronic file so it can be accessed at a later time or entered into your database for immediate use. Let our data professionals help you organize and enter data from all of your lead sources.