Focus on your business and let us do the rest!

The answer is YES, we can do it all. Our on-site warehousing, fulfillment, kitting and assembly solutions let you store your materials and ship them to any location at a moment´s notice. Our solutions are flexible, efficient and price-conscious and can be tailored to your specific needs.

The fulfillment center provides complete kitting and assembly services as well as ample square footage for storage of all your growing needs.

In today’s business climate, companies need to continually seek new and innovative ways to reduce overhead and cut expenses. By implementing efficiencies and making ongoing network improvements we save you time, money and effort.

Our goal is to develop flexible, cost effective solutions to meet individual customer needs. As a true strategic partner, Focus becomes an extension of your business . . . operating behind the scenes and executing the fulfillment process seamlessly to properly manage your tailored needs.

We start by performing a custom analysis based on your specific needs. This custom program approach can uncover vital cost saving measures and improved service opportunities. As we help you grow your business, your needs will continue to change, we will continue this process by re-evaluating your needs on a regular basis and advising you of all saving and improvement opportunities. Our fulfillment analysis and help is always available and always FREE.

Our management and staff are all seasoned professionals in the industry and everyone in the organization shares in the responsibility we have to our customers.

Technology makes the movement of information just as important as the movement of goods. We use technology to help us create a faster, more cost and service effective solutions for your business. We strive to continuously implement new technology and practices to continue to grow with our customers. ACCESS is our “state of the art “order management system (OMS) that allows you to view your orders and order history, shipments, inventory, reporting and more. Enjoy accurate order fulfillment and inventory. We make shipping simple!

Reduce your overhead costs and FOCUS on growing your business with us!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction!