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Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment and marketing go hand in hand. The most efficient way to recruit is to provide accurate information using proper channels to help screen suitable candidates. It’s crucial to use the right means to connect to job seekers; the difficult part is figuring out which one works for you.

+ Make it Clear
Invite potential candidates to apply by having a clear call to action. Examples: View Jobs Here, Apply Online, Speak to an Employment Specialist, Schedule an Interview… When creating a job post, make it easier for the applicant to access an application by minimizing the quantity of steps taken to reach it. If your company’s website is too complex to navigate or doesn’t have a career page clearly visible on the homepage, provide a link directly to the job application/posting and make sure all links work.

+ Have an Open House
Invite local talent to an open house. Advertise grand openings, new construction, newly decorated space or updated equipment. Make sure it’s held after hours and provide an incentive to attend. This will give you the opportunity to see how a potential candidate interacts in a group setting and give the applicant an opportunity to see what you have to offer.

+ Recruit at Company Events
Consider company sponsored events to work as recruiting events where you might be able to find potential candidates. i.e. CEU/educational events, sponsor a college event, Chamber of Commerce, local fitness club or sporting event.

+ Keep Potential Candidates Engaged
Design print and online campaigns and then re-market until you’ve hooked candidates with the right opportunity.

+ Reach Candidates Through Your Employees
Establish a great referral program through your employees and include prizes and incentives. Well-designed referral programs spotlight top prospects and also require employees to evaluate candidates for skills and fit to sell them on the company and job. Employee referrals are rated #1 with 45% retention after two years. Always ask WDYK? (Who do you know?)

+ Do a Little Bit of Everything, Every Day
Don’t just stick to one process. Mix it up by doing a little bit of everything every day. Make some cold calls, develop a direct mail campaign with postcards and letters, shoot off some emails and text messages and always follow up.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to Recruitment Marketing; the strategies that improve the connection to qualified candidates are what make a difference and timing is everything.