//There are Different Types of Email Marketing

There are Different Types of Email Marketing

With email marketing continuously being one of the highest direct communication methods and one of the least expensive to reach your target audience, it’s important to create a campaign of distinctive email types that aim to reach more customers.

Below are a variety of emails that can be utilized to keep a solid presence in your recipient’s inbox.

+ Welcome Emails should be an automated response when you have a new subscriber. These emails should be used to inform the recipient about your company and welcome them. Introduce your company and the advantages/perks that the recipient receives by registering.

Should be sent out as soon as the subscriber registers.

+ Job/Opportunity Emails should include a job opening as well as a job description, benefits, and also be sure to include a clear call to action. The information should be short and the call to action should link directly to the job opening/application on your site.

Should be sent out whenever your company has an opening.

+ Event Emails should be used to invite and encourage recipients to attend any type of event such as a CEU, open house etc. It should include the event specifics (location, date, time). Be sure to include a description of the event. What would motivate the recipient to attend? Will your event offer food, or a live band? Incentives such as raffles, gifts or goody bags should also be incorporated into your message.

These emails should be broken up as initial invitations, follow-up invitations, reminders, and thank-you for attending emails.

+ Email Newsletters should be informative and show the recipient that your company is an industry expertise. All information offered should be of general interest to your recipients. Newsletters typically lean more towards editorial content rather than commercial content. Email newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers.

Email newsletters should be consistent and sent out weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

+ Announcement/ Notification Emails are used to notify the recipient of any changes relating to your company. Some examples are changes to your website, a new product, service, or perhaps a new career opportunity that might be of interest to the recipient.

Notification emails can be sent whenever there is a major change in your company that would be suitable for an announcement.

+ Holiday/ Special Occasion Emails can be sent to wish your recipient a happy holiday. These emails are a great way to add a personal touch to your email campaigns by adding special content or images relating to holidays.

These can be sent out on holidays or special occasions.

Using a variety of emails is one solution worth a try to reach and keep new customers. Emails can help maintain your brand and establish credibility with your customers.

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