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Voice Broadcasting

Why Use Voice Broadcasting Services?

With the Internet leading the way in marketing, many companies overlook traditional forms of gaining access to more customers. It’s a proven fact that using different types of marketing means reaching more people.

One type of marketing that is often overlooked is voice broadcasting. Unlike telemarketing, voice broadcasting is a less evasive approach to reach people via phone. Telemarketing forces the recipient to respond; making them feel trapped and likely to hang up. On the contrary, voice broadcasting allows the recipient to listen to the message on his/her own time without feeling pressured to do anything and with the ability to respond when they desire.

Here are some tips for creating a quality voice broadcast
Start by addressing your target audience, be sure to use a clear and relaxed tone; do not include long pauses. Your message should be less than 50 seconds. Make sure there is no background noise.

+ Include different forms of contact information; preferably a phone number or website address.

+ Allow the person to opt out and include a replay option.

There is no guarantee that every marketing piece whether mailed or emailed will be read in it’s entirety by the recipient; Voice broadcasting can be used as another form to reach these customers. You have nothing to lose in trying different marketing strategies!

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