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Promotional Products

Using promotional items for your business results in many benefits. It’s an effective and long lasting way to keep your brand visible and increase brand recognition. The Advertising Specialty Institute conducts a survey on promotional items every year, below are some statistics for the year 2013. Popular promotional products given to recipients in the United

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There are Different Types of Email Marketing

With email marketing continuously being one of the highest direct communication methods and one of the least expensive to reach your target audience, it’s important to create a campaign of distinctive email types that aim to reach more customers. Below are a variety of emails that can be utilized to keep a solid presence in

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Inventory Management

Managing Your Inventory Inventory management is a necessity to every company that offers merchandise. Your inventory should always hold accurate information, including inventory trends and the most up to date information on stocks of order. Inventory management is vital in order to save time and money. Below are some tips to consider when controlling your

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Voice Broadcasting

Why Use Voice Broadcasting Services? With the Internet leading the way in marketing, many companies overlook traditional forms of gaining access to more customers. It's a proven fact that using different types of marketing means reaching more people. One type of marketing that is often overlooked is voice broadcasting. Unlike telemarketing, voice broadcasting is a

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Wyzzer Career Choices

Migrate to Wyzzer.com, Where Healthcare Career Matchmaking Works! Wyzzer.com is a new site that caters to employers, healthcare professionals and job seekers. It offers new resumes for employers and the latest jobs for healthcare professionals and job seekers. The Early Bird Catches the Worm Don’t wait, register now! Both employers and healthcare professionals benefit from

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing continues to grow Email marketing continues to be one of the greatest direct communication methods to reach your target audience and can be utilized by every type of company, big or small­. You can achieve successful results with email marketing while spending only a small amount of money and time. For those who

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Direct Mail

VIP Samples Improve your Direct Mail Response Although digital marketing has transformed the way companies have marketed to their audience through-out the past couple of years, direct mail still continues to be the most beneficial channel for marketing. According to the United States Postal Service, 98% of consumers collect their mail the day

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Database Maintenance

Keep your Database Strong Every company’s database contains some sort of errors. These blunders can create unsuccessful results in your marketing campaigns. Here are some tips to keep your data strong and get the best results from your recruiting and marketing efforts. + Examine your records and correct any spelling mistakes or missing information. +

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Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment and marketing go hand in hand. The most efficient way to recruit is to provide accurate information using proper channels to help screen suitable candidates. It’s crucial to use the right means to connect to job seekers; the difficult part is figuring out which one works for you. + Make it Clear Invite potential

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