Virtual Hiring Events
Make Virtual Hiring Events part of your online recruitment strategy!

It’s a Better Hiring Experience in Half the time!

Discover how Focus’s Virtual Hiring Event platform can transform your online recruiting process and make hiring faster and easier. With over 30 years of experience helping recruitment and talent acquisition teams connect, engage, and hire top talent, our platform targets specific talent pools with the goal of creating meaningful and impactful chat event experiences that can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

What is a Virtual Hiring Event?

It is an online platform where hiring managers and recruiters can easily connect and engage online with many candidates on a specific date and time. Candidates register for an event and connect online with a live person via chat to get their questions answered and schedule an interview.

Event Promotion Tools

Engage more candidates with our easy-to-use event marketing tools

  • Custom landing pages matching your companies branding allow candidates to easily sign up for the virtual event
  • Utilize our candidate sourcing to promote the event through multiple marketing channels, such as RSVP emails, direct mail, social media, and career sites to drive candidates to your event

What are the benefits of a Virtual Event?

  • Virtual Hiring Events allow recruiters the ability to screen and assess more candidates in less time
  • Virtual Hiring Events do not require recruiters and hiring managers or candidates to travel to other locations
  • Mobile-Friendly Experience – did you know that more than 60% of candidates access virtual events from their mobile phones?
  • Chat History – complete chat transcripts are exported into an Excel file for review after the event
  • Easy To Use – no installs or plugins needed
  • Scalable – we can quickly add or remove accounts as needed with no limit to the amount of accounts
  • Marketable – use our RSVP emails, direct mail, social media, and career sites to drive candidates to your event
  • Secure – all communication is over SHA-256 Secure Socket Layer
  • Cost Effective – a fraction of the cost of the competition

Final Thoughts:

By now, attending a virtual event or conference is no longer novel, but considered the new normal, which means that adoption and ease of use are continuing to improve.

Chat is the number one communication channel worldwide and 79% of customers say they prefer live chat compared to other channels. Chat provides the immediacy that email doesn’t and the efficiency of communicating with multiple people at once that phone or in-person doesn’t.

With Focus, you have the flexibility to build, host and manage virtual, in person and hybrid events so you can connect, interview and hire candidates wherever is most convenient! Plus, reduce the cost per hire by eliminating wasted time and effort through automation. Creating a meaningful and impactful candidate online event experience from the moment they register!