Why You Should Choose Focus!

Collaborative Commitment to Success

One size definitely does not fit all. Your company’s processes are unique and so are the solutions we will customize for you.

We start by listening to your needs, your goals, and how you run your business. We will recommend solutions based on your unique needs and illustrate the impact on your current processes. You will understand exactly how your recruitment and staffing processes will be improved and where you will find your Return on Investment.

While implementing your solutions we will help you get the most out of your new recruitment platform, ensuring proper onboarding, data migration, and user interaction.

Finally, you’ll get ongoing support from our operations and IT professionals who will help you with future customizations and ongoing system reviews to ensure you are maximizing the benefits of your solution.

Service That Exceeds Your Expectations

Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our customers. The foundation of this relationship is our commitment to anticipate and exceed your expectations. We partner with you and work diligently to learn about your company’s vision, challenges and pain points so that we may provide you with the very best service quickly and efficiently.

The Focus Team

The Focus leadership team blends a history of industry expertise with visionary thinking and are the champions of next generation recruitment technology. Our directors enjoy a hands-on approach and are involved in everyday interactions with all of our customers. Each and every one of our employees represents the spirit of our company: driven, committed and focused. All of us have a true passion for what we do. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is always available to assist you.

You can count on us to respond to your needs with an intense sense of urgency and an expectation that we will do whatever it takes to ensure the successful completion of any task.

Social Responsibility and Eco-Friendly

We believe that our technology has the power to help healthcare professionals lead better lives and help our customers solve problems in new ways that create lasting value for both the company and the individual. When we use our resources to make the world a better place, we also create growth opportunities across the USA.

Focus is committed to social responsibility and eco-friendly initiatives that support environmental and social sustainability. Protecting the environment, our customers and individuals are of our highest concern.

Focus CSS Business Continuity Plan

Focus CSS Business Continuity Plan (BCP) understands that in the unlikely event of a major disaster, insurance alone cannot ensure business continuity. It has been proven that in the event of a disaster, informed actions based on a properly researched Business Continuity Plan (BCP) could enable a business to resume commercial viability within hours and ensure continuity of service to the customer. Our BCP combines careful risk assessment, preventive measures, contingency planning and the support of professional business recovery services. By having such a plan in place, the chances of a disaster overtaking our business is removed. At Focus, we have identified a range of conceivable ‘disaster’ scenarios, from IT loss, mechanical issues to a natural disaster and have strategic plans in place to deal with all such scenarios. Most importantly, Focus aims to maintain the continuity of service to our customers in the event of a disaster. This is achievable in several ways depending on the scale of interruption.

Planning for the worst… Focus compromises several presses for each application, for redundancy. The benefit of which that, in the unlikely event that one press was out of action, we would still have the remaining presses to carry on business operations. In terms of business continuity, this is an advantage which Focus has over many printing companies. If specific printing equipment at our site were seriously damaged, we have made reciprocal agreements with other printing companies that they will commit 25% of their operating capacity so we can ensure continuation of supply and fulfill our customers’ requirements. These agreements include provision for both web and sheet-fed applications and will continue until the relevant equipment has either been restored to complete working order or replacement equipment has been installed. Should our physical location be compromised, we maintain digital copies of all materials and data in secure locations and partners across the country to provide us with backup printing services. At Focus, we have identified and recorded vital operations, staff and equipment, most critical factors will be prioritized in the event of a disaster scenario comprising our operations. Within 24 hours of a disaster, we will provide our customers with a range of available services. As part of our tailored BCP, Focus has ensured that all company-specific computer data vital to continuous operation is backed up daily and stored in secure locations, on-site and off-site, in both the East-Coast and the Mid-West. Our management team has smart phones and synced laptop computers in our office and in our homes to ensure that business is conducted as usual. An important outcome of our BCP is the completion of a comprehensive risk assessment. Vulnerabilities within the company’s operations have been identified with measures taken to rectify and reduce them. The risk assessment procedure is always ongoing at Focus. We continuously strive to improve our ability to react positively to any new possible form of disaster. In the event of an actual event or disaster, Focus CSS recognizes the importance of maintaining close communications with our customers, as you are the driving force behind our Company. We will ensure you are always kept informed of progress during these events.