The ultimate, affordable recruitment marketing platform, designed specifically for you!

ACCESS is a Fully Customizable, interactive, Easy-To-Use cloud-based Platform that allows you to geographically search your company’s recruitment database for talent in a specific area, customize a message and connect with them using various methods of communication, with just a click of a button.

Engage talent and drive business more efficiently with ACCESS integrated automation. Our opt-in/opt-out database removal and black list monitoring systems are just a few of the ways ACCESS works to keep you compliant with all CAN-SPAM regulations!

No other platform protects your company and connects you with perspective talent like Access!

Quality Talent Database

ACCESS stores all of your current data and works to build you the most comprehensive, searchable database of healthcare professionals you could ever imagine. Making finding the right talent faster and easier.

Geo-Targeted Sourcing

Geographically targeted communications tailored to a specific location, discipline and message to ensure filling all workforce shortages.

Marketing Ecosystem

All of your marketing materials in one place allowing for management and quality control of all your assets, making it easier for users to follow your company’s best practices and to maintain brand consistency to ensure success.

Relationship Marketing

Improving talent/recruiter interactions by focusing on recognition of your brand, recruiters, and talent loyalty. We do this using various personalized communication methods targeted towards a long-term engagement with recruiters and potential talent. Something we like to call “Relationship Recruiting.” The goal is to create brand awareness, bonds with your potential talent, and recruiter connections that can lead to an ongoing relationship with recruiters and potential talent for years to come.

All-Access Communication

A dedicated team that partners with you, to learn about your company, its vision, and its needs, so that we may provide insight and data needed to optimize your sourcing requirements. Our expertise and technology efficiency help you to avoid costly vacancies in your staff.

Dashboards and Reporting

It’s a fact that today’s organizations need data to thrive, expand and track performance. Our dashboards and reporting features help you stay in control of your business by giving you real-time visibility to your most important data, metrics and ROI.

Building and Maintaining Databases

ACCESS stores, cleans and maintains your data, to help you build the most comprehensive talent communications database possible. By building, refreshing and maintaining your talent pipeline on a regular basis, it gives you the ability to fill more positions quickly and successfully.

Find Quality Candidates

Let ACCESS help! Give your recruiters the ability to maximize your marketing impact by using various forms of communication to stay connected to active and passive talent. Optimized communication increases your reach to thousands of healthcare professionals ensuring a good cultural fit and providing better talent experience.