Top Talent is drawn to companies with a powerful online presence

Using smart technology, employers of all sizes can build a wider network of qualified talent

Career Sites

A common complaint we hear from recruitment companies is that the career site that came with their Applicant Tracking System(ATS) is neither customizable nor user friendly. Our career sites work with your ATS so your applications still get submitted, and our sites are fully customizable, mobile friendly, SEO optimized, and most importantly, user-friendly. With functionalities like geo-targeted map searching, drive time, chat, auto-suggest, and quick apply, user engagement is increased up to 70% over “out of the box” ATS career sites. Ask us for a free audit of your existing career site and let us help you to increase user engagement and receive more job applicants!

Recruitment Landing Pages

These websites are purpose built for specific locations, career categories, or marketing campaigns. Customized for your target audience and with the functions you need to meet your goals. Landing pages can be built to be informative, collect data, qualify and distribute leads, register people for an event, clinicals, etc. SEO-friendly landing pages produce more relevant traffic and leads.

Custom Analytics Reports

Custom built by our Google Analytics Advanced Certified data experts. These reports help to measure, collect, and analyze your website traffic. Our data experts will assist in defining the strengths and weaknesses of your websites by identifying patterns in the data, and suggest ways to make your websites more successful.

Geofencing Campaigns

Geofencing allows you to advertise to people within a specific location like around a facility, conference, etc. This is a powerful and cost-effective way of getting your ads seen by people in a specific area at a specific time. We utilize both mobile ad networks and social media to achieve this. Campaigns are created with a set budget but are quickly scalable. Unable to attend a conference? Geofencing is a great way to keep your business top-of-mind and engage people that are attending the conference.

Virtual Events

Our Virtual Event platform allows you to easily host a virtual event and communicate with attendees. We provide the setup and training for your team and our solution is so simple, yet effective, that if you have ever sent an instant message, text message, etc., you will be able to use our system. Through the use of our marketing system, ACCESS, you can send direct mail, email, and voice broadcasting campaigns to advertise your event and drive traffic to the registration page. On the day of the event, your team uses our chat-based solution to communicate with attendees. Answer questions, match candidates with jobs, collect resumes, schedule appointments, etc.

API Integrations

API = Application Protocol Interface. A web API allows data to pass between systems. Our engineers can connect your existing ATS, CRM, etc., with our systems so the databases remain synchronized. Send a campaign or purchase data through our system and that data can be shared with your systems. APIs are important to share the information you need so it is available across all systems. We’ve configured hundreds of APIs for many different systems and we are ready to assist you and to assess your needs.