Building long-term relationships with customers large and small

Our services include:

  • Pick, pack & ship
  • Print fulfillment
  • Kitting & assembly services
  • Bulk fulfillment
  • POS & POP fulfillment
  • Promotional and event fulfillment
  • Product sample fulfillment

We partner with you to design a custom fulfillment solution that’s right for your company and execute the order fulfillment process when expected.


Focus offers clean, dry and secure storage that is flexible to reflect your fluctuations in inventory and your budget. Our facility located in Amesbury, MA offers a full-time warehouse staff and an experienced Quality Control Team that will handle your products with care.


We are a full-service provider of promotional products, fulfillment services and marketing support services located in Amesbury, MA. We offer clean, dry and secure storage that is flexible to reflect your fluctuations in inventory and your budget. Every order is inspected and signed off by a member of our Quality Control Team to ensure the accuracy of each order. Our systems are scalable and have the ability to manage multi-channel distribution orders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All orders received by 12:00 pm (EST) are picked, packed and shipped the same day.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Focus makes Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) possible by giving customers and our internal inventory team use of the same system, ACCESS. Both parties can update and view the system in real-time. As a result, data translation is seamless. Also, these permissions can be customized for each party, so they only have access to the necessary features they are approved to see. This maintains organizational security while still allowing for easy and open communication.

From our (Focus’s) perspective, ACCESS allows us to track inventory levels using min, max, and reorder points. These indicators will notify us when a customer’s inventory falls below preset levels. Focus can track inventory through a variety of reports and live data. As a result, we can improve delivery times and accurately forecast customer demand. In addition, customers can create orders, run inventory reports, and more. ACCESS helps to simplify and ensure accuracy in the order process.