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We develop data entry policies and procedures along with checks and balances to monitor your data.

The average database decays at over 40% a year, and when data deteriorates, so do your results. People move, companies move, records are inaccurate or incomplete… we’ve seen it all and we make it our business to improve and enhance databases.

Our database maintenance includes cleaning and updating your data, long-term database maintenance, data entry, secure data storage, list purchasing, database integration, and merging and syncing databases of all sizes.

At Focus, we realize that database maintenance starts with a list. That is why we offer to order the list for you and perform the proper maintenance on each list that is entered into your database.

List maintenance is a strategic process of keeping your lists current.  There are three basic steps that occur during the process of list maintenance. The first activity is “adding”. This means that any new data is added to the existing list or database. The second step is “delete or remove”. Data that was previously included on a list is taken off or removed. And the final step is “update”. This involves updating information that is already on an existing list without creating duplicates. With any type of list maintenance, the idea is to keep the lists current so that you can minimize the time wasted on outdated or irrelevant information.

The integrity of your data can determine whether your marketing and recruiting efforts are a success! Let us help you keep them up to date and reduce wasted costs, while ensuring your messages always get to the right people.