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Talent Pipeline

Building and maintaining a talent pipeline ensures that positions will not go unfilled for long periods of time and puts you in control of the recruitment process. TalentMaxx stores a full record of every candidate who has ever been licensed, sourced by, or applied to, your company. While building your pipeline, it is important to note, that it’s not just about getting candidates interested in current opportunities with your organization, but also about keeping them interested about future opportunities.

Database Manager

The average database decays at over 40% a year, and when data deteriorates, so do your results. People move, change jobs, duplicate records are entered… we’ve seen it all and we make it our business to improve and enhance databases. Your talent database was undoubtedly compiled by combining years of purchased state lists, sourced resumes and convention lists into one large database. However, years and years of importing new lists with little to no maintenance to remove the old, outdated data can cause havoc in the way of duplicate records, outdated data and more. TalentMaxx solves all the problems related to database management and brings data and business together into one intuitive platform.

Facility / Jobs Module

The facility and Jobs modules are composed of all open and closed facilities and open and closed jobs. Both Jobs and Facility modules are interconnected with each other and with active contacts in your pipeline. This allows users the ability to link any contact with a job or a facility for reporting and future sourcing. Once linked, it is stored as part of the contacts permanent history.

Interactive mapping views are also provided allowing you to perform a radius search around a specific location for talent in that area. Click on the talent closest to your facility to contact them directly or contact them via other forms of communication available through TalentMaxx.

Resume Navigator

Navigator helps you to gather resumes and manage them in one single place. It simply parses all resumes and attaches them to the correct contact in your pipeline or builds a new contact from the information on the resume. New resume contacts are parsed into a searchable resume database for future sourcing.

Robust Resume searching – Our system allows for detailed searching of resumes by date, profession, university, and much more. Resumes can also be pinpointed on a map to view all resumes close to your open positions.

Auto Detect Duplicates – Our Resume Navigator also has a robust algorithm that not only identifies duplicates but it can also merge them into one profile.

Talent Communications Platform

Allows users to search, track and stay connected to thousands of qualified professionals, through various forms of communication. It’s simply not enough to build a pipeline, you need to continue to keep these qualified professionals engaged in your organization.

Talentmaxx provides users access to customizable direct mail, email marketing, voice blast and SMS text message campaigns that can be created and sent to prospective talent within seconds. You also have access to phone, email, mobile appending and more! Search your contact database or pipeline, choose your desired form of communication, customize your marketing message, and click to send your communication. All the while, seamlessly feeding all activity back to your contacts profile.

Dashboards & Reporting

Make accurate data-driven decisions by combining talent, performance, data, time-to-fill and marketing activity from all channels with our customized reporting, dashboards and analytics! Six pre-built reports are available to provide a 360-degree view of your recruiting strategy and metrics or build customized reports to better fit your needs!

Interactive Mapping

Interactive mapping views enable you to perform a radius search for talent location nearest to a job or facility. Click on talent closest to your facility to contact them directly or contact them via other forms of communication such as direct mail, email marketing, SMS texting or voice broadcasting available through the TalentMaxx communications module.

Easy Sytem Integration

If you’re looking to use TalentMaxx solo or along-side another platform, API’s or data feeds can easily be set up to automatically integrate candidate information and activity across other systems. Unlike other recruiting platforms, TalentMaxx is completely web-based, there is nothing to install, update or maintain. You just need a web browser and you are ready to start. If you have questions about integrating TalentMaxx with your current systems, contact us and we will be glad to work through it with you.