Easily conduct one-on-one secure video interviews with just one click

No installs needed! Works on all devices from mobile phones to desktop computers.
All you need is access to the internet and a device that has a camera and microphone.

  • Secure – our one-to-one solution with end-to-end encryption and expiring links ensures no one can highjack your interview
  • Easy To Use – no installs or plugins needed
  • Accessible – works on any device with internet access, camera, and microphone
  • Scalable – we can quickly add or remove accounts as needed. No limit to the amount of accounts
  • Enterprise Solution – branded with your company logo
  • Customizable – we built it so we can make any requested changes
  • Powerful – engineered to deliver superior quality video and HD audio without additional CPU or battery consumption
  • Optimized – will even work on LTE mobile internet connection
  • Better – video quality scores rank 50% higher than the competition